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Gopal Kumar Kushwaha, the man behind the popular eating joint of Bihar

Old Champaran Meet House is not just a name gained through trendy marketing gigs but a brand, that has earned through authenticity, hard work, and taste that lasted generations. It was 2014 when the idea came in the mind and now Old Champaran Meet House is serving the real taste of Ahuna Handi Mutton in Bihar.

Our customers love our dishes and the taste that we deliver. We are known for our non-veg cuisines throughout Bihar.

The secret behind our flavorful cuisines is our special Masala and several special ingredients to it and one of the most essential ones is the OIL and love that we pour into our dishes.

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The taste of our food is defined by the oil and masala that we use and how we use it. The masala and the oil that we use while preparing our non-vegetarian cuisines have remained in the family through generations. It is pure, organic, homemade, healthy, flavorsome & the star of our dishes, and a mixture of numerous daily uses along with few secret ingredients. However, we believe in spreading the secret that can help you cook a cuisine that can become the talk of the town. Buy our secret Masala to cook a dish that smells and tastes special.

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Ahuna Mutton Recipe by Gopal ji
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Ahuna Mutton In Handi
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